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Final Fantasy VII Turtle's Paradise Flyers Guide

Here are the locations of all of the flyers distributed by the Wutai bar Turtle's Paradise.

  • Midgar Sector 5, upstairs in one of the houses (if you didn't read it in Midgar at the start of the game, you can still read it by excavating the Sector 5 key in Bone Village)
  • Shinra Building, Ground Floor (the only missable one; can be read at the end of Disc 2 during the return to Midgar if you missed it in Disc 1, after that cannot be read)
  • Gold Saucer, Ghost Square Hotel
  • Cosmo Canyon, right next to the Weapons shop
  • Cosmo Canyon, Inn
  • Yuffie's house basement, Wutai

Once you've read all 6, talk to the guy behind the bar in Turtle's Paradise. He will give you one of each type of Source, and a Megalixir.

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