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Hi. A little bit about me, 'Final Fantasy VII Nerd', and the website.


I created this website as a way of helping people with playing FF7. The website first went live on July 31st, 2013, as

The website started off as more of a hobby project but as traffic grew I realized it was worth expanding and improving the content. I take a good deal of satisfaction out of knowing I've helped some of the thousands of people who have visited, with playing Final Fantasy VII.

I know I don't go into FF7 story or character information on the site. This isn't to say I don't love the characters or the story: I do, from Cloud to Elena to Reno, from cross-dressing to the Northern Cave. I just wanted a different focus.

Thankfully, FF7 seems to be something of an evergreen franchise, available even on PS4, iOS and Android and hopefully both the Remake and the original game will be enjoyed by many generations to come.

And finally, I did come up with most of the combos on the 'Advanced Materia' page by myself.

My interests, apart from FF7 and creating websites, include listening to music, playing other video games, collecting wristwatches, high-end audio, consumer electronics, and playing football (soccer) and tennis.

If you would like to talk to me, feel free to drop me an email. I'm pretty open and chatty.

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