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Final Fantasy VII Enemy Skills

Enemy Skill List

  • Frog Song
    Causes [Sleepel/Frog] on one opponent
    MP: 5
    Learn from: Touch Me (Gongaga Area, World Map), Toxic Frog (Temple of the Ancients), Christopher (N. Cave)

  • L4 Suicide
    Causes [Critical/Small] with levels in multiples of 4
    MP: 10
    Learn from: Mu (Chocobo Farm Area, World Map), Trickplay (Bone Village Area, World Map)

  • Magic Hammer
    Drains 100 MP out of every opponent
    MP: 3
    Learn from: Razor Weed (Wutai Area, World Map)

  • White Wind
    Restores HP and status to every ally
    MP: 34
    Learn from: Zemzelett (Junon Area, World Map), Wind Wing (Whirlwind Maze)

  • Big Guard
    Adds [Barrier/MBarrier/Haste] to every ally
    MP: 56
    Learn from: Beachplug (Costa Del Sol Area, Gold Saucer Area, World Map), Wolfmeister (North Corel train during Huge Materia sequence)

  • Angel Whisper
    Revives, restores HP and status to any one ally
    MP: 50
    Learn from: Pollensalta (N. Cave)

  • Dragon Force
    Raises the Defense and Magic Def. level of one ally
    MP: 19
    Learn from: Dark Dragon (N. Cave)

  • Death Force
    Makes any one ally immune to death
    MP: 3
    Learn from: Adamantaimai (Wutai Area, World Map)

  • Flame Thrower
    Causes Fire damage to any single opponent
    MP: 10
    Learn from: Ark Dragon (Mythril Mine), Dragon (Mt. Nibel)

  • Laser
    Lessens one opponent's HP by 1/2
    MP: 16
    Learn from: Death Claw (Corel Prison), Dark Dragon (N. Cave)

  • Matra Magic
    Non-elemental damage to all opponents
    MP: 8
    Learn from: Custom Sweeper (Midgar Area, World Map), Death Machine (Junon), Bullmotor (Corel Prison)

  • Bad Breath
    [Poison/Confu/Sleepel/Silence/Small/Frog] on all
    MP: 58
    Learn from: Malboro (Gaea's Cliff, N. Cave)

  • Beta
    Fire damage on all opponents
    MP: 35
    Learn from: Midgar Zolom (swamp near Chocobo Farm, World Map)

  • Aqualung
    Water damage on all opponents
    MP: 34
    Learn from: Harpy (Gold Saucer Area, World Map), Jenova-LIFE (Forgotten Capital), Serpent (Sunken Gelnika)

  • Trine
    Lightning damage on all opponents
    MP: 20
    Learn from: Materia Keeper (Mt. Nibel), Godo (Wutai), Stilva (Gaea's Cliff)

  • Magic Breath
    [Fire/Ice/Lightning] damage on all opponents
    MP: 75
    Learn from: Stilva (Gaea's Cliff), Parasite (N. Cave)

  • ????
    Does damage equal to user's MaxHP/HP
    MP: 3
    Learn from: Jersey (Shinra Mansion, Nibelheim), Behemoth (Sector 8 Underground, Midgar)

  • Goblin Punch
    Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
    MP: 0
    Learn from: Goblin (Goblin Island, World Map)

  • Chocobuckle
    Non-elemental damage on any one opponent
    MP: 3
    Learn from: Chocobo (Find a Chocobo with a level which is a multiple of 4, feed it some Mimett or Sylkis Greens, then use L4 Suicide)

  • L5 Death
    Causes [Death] on levels in multiples of 5
    MP: 22
    Learn from: Parasite (N. Cave)

  • Death Sentence
    Pronounces death sentence on any one opponent
    MP: 10
    Learn from: Gi Spector (Cave of the Gi), Sneaky Step (Cave of the Gi), Boundfat (Corral Valley)

  • Roulette
    Pronounces death on any one opponent or ally
    MP: 6
    Learn from: Death Dealer (N. Cave)

  • Shadow Flare
    Big non-elemental damage on any one opponent
    MP: 100
    Learn from: Ultimate Weapon (Cosmo Area, World Map), Ruby Weapon (Gold Saucer Area, World Map), Dragon Zombie (N. Cave), Safer-Sephiroth (N. Cave)

  • Pandora's Box
    Big damage on all opponents, ignores defense
    MP: 110
    Learn from: Dragon Zombie (N. Cave)

Enemy Skill Guide

Enemy Skill Materia can be found in the Shinra Building, Junon Beginner's Hall, Forgotten Capital, and in the Chocobo Sage's house (talk to the green Chocobo).

To learn an Enemy Skill, equip an Enemy Skill Materia onto one of your characters. An enemy must use the Skill on your character in order for you to learn it. Then you can use it yourself.

N.B. Some Enemy Skills, particularly defensive ones, require manipulating the enemy in order to have them use the Skill on your character(s). Use the 'Manipulate' Command; the 'Hypnocrown' Accessory can also be useful. It should also be noted that you can't use an Enemy Skill on an ally in order to have them learn it.

N.B. Be careful with Trine, as this is the one Enemy Skill that is missable. You may want to save the Pagoda battle against Godo in Wutai until you are fully prepared, i.e. have all 4 Enemy Skill Materia including the one from the Chocobo Sage's green Chocobo. Be aware that you cannot learn Trine in the Gold Saucer Battle Arena.

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