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Final Fantasy VII Level 4 Limit Breaks

Limit Breaks List

  • Cloud | Omnislash
    Continuously attacks all enemies.
    Found in the Battle Arena in the Gold Saucer, swap for 32,000 BP.

  • Barret | Catastrophe
    Continuously attacks all enemies.
    Found in N. Corel towards the end of the game, talk to the lady in the central house on the left side of town.

  • Tifa | Final Heaven
    Last hit of a 7-stage continuous attack.
    Found in Tifa's house in Nibelheim towards the end of the game, play Do Re Mi Ti La Do Re Mi So Fa Do Re Do on the piano.

  • Aeris | Great Gospel
    Fully heals party and grants party temporary invincibility.
    Found in the Weapon seller's house near Gongaga, open the box attached to the wall. Must first obtain 'Mythril' Key Item from the sleeping man in the cave near Junon; talk to him when the number of battles you've fought ends in the same 2 odd numbers (e.g. 4033, 199) and he'll wake up and give you the Mythril.

  • Red XIII | Cosmo Memory
    Attacks all enemies.
    Open the safe in the mansion in Nibelheim, then defeat the boss.

  • Cid | Highwind
    Continuously attacks all enemies.
    In the cargo bay of the Sunken Gelnika.

  • Yuffie | All Creation
    Attacks all enemies.
    Defeat Godo in the Pagoda in Wutai.

  • Vincent | Chaos
    Transform into Chaos.
    Return to Lucrecia's Cave with Vincent having visited it at least 10 battles previously, using either the submarine or a green, black or gold Chocobo.

Limit Breaks Guide

Personally, I find that characters' Level 4 Limit Breaks are not necessarily their most useful Limit Breaks. For example, both Yuffie's and Red XIII's Level 4 Breaks are basically just like having a Slash-All or a Mega All Materia equipped and doing a Slash-All Attack. For Yuffie, I would be using her 'Doom of the Living' (second Level 3) Limit Break as it deals 15 continuous hits. With Red XIII, I'd also rather use one of his Level 3 Breaks - either Howling Moon to put him into a powerful frenzy, or Earth Rave for 5 continuous hits.

With Barret, as long as you have enough high AP Materia in his Missing Score Weapon to ensure you can hit for 9999, you're better off using Ungarmax (Angermax) as it deals 18 continuous hits rather than the 10 hits of Catastrophe. Thanks to a Facebook fan who pointed this out to me. Vincent also effectively uses the equivalent of either Slash-All or Flash when in Chaos mode - I prefer to use him in Level 3 Hellmasker mode where he will either do a few continuous hits or a status Attack.

With Cloud, Tifa and Cid I would recommend using the Level 4 Breaks. With Aeris, I think it's a toss-up between her Level 4 Great Gospel and her Level 2 Fury Brand. Fury Brand will fill both of Aeris' allies' Limit Breaks, which is wildcard in potentially a very powerful way.

Cait Sith only has a Level 1 and a Level 2 Limit Break. Between the 2, I would opt for Dice rather than Slots, as Slots is too risky considering that with some bad luck, it can lead to an instant Game Over.

Additional useful resource: STRATEGYWIKI.

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