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Final Fantasy VII Morph Guide/List

N.B. This is not a complete Morph list. It aims to feature the more significant Items you can Morph in Final Fantasy VII only.

Morph Guide

The 'Morph' command does considerably less damage than a normal Attack, but if it kills the enemy, the enemy may change into an Item. For easier results use characters' ultimate Weapons; these will deal approximately 1/3 damage of a normal Attack rather than 1/9.

The exceptions are Yuffie's Conformer, which deals full damage even when morphing; and Barret's Missing Score, which can work well with enough high AP Materia in it.

You can find the 'Morph' materia in the Temple of the Ancients.

Morph List

  • Heavy Tank (Gongaga): Power Source

  • Screamer (Mt. Nibel): Power Source

  • Bagnadrana (Mt. Corel): Guard Source

  • Spiral (Mideel Area, World Map): Guard Source

  • Maximum Kimaira (Midgar - Mako Cannon): Guard Source

  • Armored Golem (N. Cave): Guard Source

  • 8 eye (Temple of the Ancients): Magic Source

  • Killbin (Whirlwind Maze): Mind Source

  • Unknown (Sunken Gelnika): Power Source

  • Unknown 2 (Sunken Gelnika): Guard Source

  • Unknown 3 (Sunken Gelnika): Magic Source

  • Serpent (Sunken Gelnika): Mind Source

  • Poodler (Sunken Gelnika): Speed Source

  • Bad Rap (Sunken Gelnika): Luck Source

  • Ho-Chu (Battle Square, Gold Saucer, Disc 2 and 3): Ribbon

  • Cactuer (Cactus Island, World Map): Tetra Elemental

  • Mover (N. Cave): Protect Ring

  • Master Tonberry (N. Cave): Ribbon

  • Iron Man (N. Cave): Escort Guard

  • Ghost Ship (Underwater Reactor, Junon; Battle Square, Gold Saucer, Disc 2 & 3): Guidebook

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