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Final Fantasy VII Steal List/Guide

N.B. This is not a complete Steal list. It aims to feature the more significant Items you can Steal in Final Fantasy VII only.

Steal Guide

Using the 'Steal' Command can be frustrating, as it can take a large number of attempts in order to successfully Steal. But it can pay off handsomely as you can Steal equipment which is over-powered for that point of the game. Make sure you purchase the 'Sneak Glove' Accessory in Disc 2 as soon as possible; when equipped, it makes stealing easier.

You will need to excavate the Sector 5 Key from Bone Village (choose to search for 'normal' treasure, the Key is usually located near the burnt out fire on the upper left of the screen). Then revisit Wall Market in Midgar. The man who collects scraps in the Weapon Shop will sell you the Sneak Glove for 129000 Gil.

Steal List

  • Eligor (Midgar Sewers): Striking Staff

  • Moth Slasher (Shinra HQ): Carbon Bangle

  • SOLDIER:3rd (Shinra HQ): Hardedge

  • Custom Sweeper (Midgar Area, World Map): Atomic Scissors

  • Madouge (Mythril Mine): Grand Glove

  • Formula (Junon Area, World Map): Boomerang

  • Shinra Marine (Shinra Boat): Shinra Beta

  • Bagnadrana (Mt. Corel): Diamond Pin

  • Death Claw (Corel Prison): Platinum Bangle

  • Dragon (Mt. Nibel): Gold Armlet

  • Adamantaimai (Wutai Area, World Map): Adaman Bangle

  • Acrophies (Corel Valley): Water Ring

  • Snow (Great Glacier): Circlet

  • Schizo (Right) (Gaea's Cliff): Protect Ring

  • Gigas (Whirlwind Maze): Gigas Armlet

  • Captain (Junon Underwater Reactor): Shinra Alpha

  • Underwater MP (Junon Underwater Reactor): Shinra Alpha

  • Diamond Weapon (Midgar Area, World Map): Rising Sun

  • SOLDIER:1st (Mako Cannon, Midgar): Shinra Alpha

  • Dark Dragon (N. Cave): Dragon Armlet

  • Ho-chu (Battle Square, Gold Saucer, Disc 2 and 3): Circlet

  • Unknown (Sunken Gelnika): Fire Armlet

  • Unknown 2 (Sunken Gelnika): Aurora Armlet

  • Unknown 3 (Sunken Gelnika): Bolt Armlet

  • Serpent (Sunken Gelnika): Water Ring

  • Epiolnis (Ancient Forest): Wizard Bracelet

  • Turks:Rude (Rocket Town; Sunken Gelnika; Midgar Underground): Ziedrich

  • Turks:Reno (Sunken Gelnika; Midgar Underground): Touph Ring (Tough Ring)

  • Turks:Elena (Midgar Underground): Minerva Band

  • Ultimate Weapon (Mideel): Curse Ring

  • Ultimate Weapon (various): Reflect Ring

  • Ultimate Weapon (final battle or penultimate battle, Cosmo Area or various): Circlet

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