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Ultimate Weapons List

  • Cloud | Ultima Weapon
    Defeat Ultimate Weapon.
    Special: Damage depends upon HP (the 'Atma Weapon' in Final Fantasy VI also had damage depending upon HP. 'Atma' and 'Ultima' are 2 different translations of the same Japanese word).

  • Barret | Missing Score
    In a treasure chest during Return to Midgar at end of Disc 2, must have Barret in party.
    Special: Damage depends upon total AP of Materia equipped in Weapon (mastered Materia have the 'score' 'missing', and just display 'MASTER' instead of numbers).

  • Tifa | Premium Heart
    Return to Wall Market using the Sector 5 Key from Bone Village, you'll find the Weapon in the broken down vending machine.
    Special: Damage depends upon Limit gauge (damage comes at a Limit 'premium').

  • Red XIII | Limited Moon
    Visit Bugenhagen in Cosmo Canyon towards the end of the game.
    Special: Damage depends upon MP (Moon associated with Magic).

  • Yuffie | Conformer
    Found in a hidden treasure chest in the Sunken Gelnika's generator room.
    Special: Damage depends upon strength of enemy it's used on (damage 'conforms' to enemy).

  • Cait Sith | HP Shout
    In a locker in the Shinra HQ on the Return to Midgar at the end of Disc 2.
    Special: Damage depends upon HP ('HP' Shout).

  • Vincent | Death Penalty
    Return to Lucrecia's Cave with Vincent having visited it at least 10 battles previously, using either the submarine or a green, black or gold Chocobo.
    Special: Damage depends upon how many enemies Vincent has killed (the 'penalty' on the Weapon is the amount of 'death' inflicted).

  • Cid | Venus Gospel
    Towards the end of the game, speak to the old man in Rocket Town who's obsessed with the rocket several times.
    Special: Damage depends upon MP (Venus associated with Magic).

For full lists of every character's Weapons, see here: Weapons Lists

Ultimate Weapons Guide

Ultimate Weapons have 8 linked Materia slots, no Materia Growth, and the damage they do is dependent upon a wildcard factor. Aeris has no ultimate Weapon (although some argue the case for either the Princess Guard or the Umbrella).

In most cases, each character's ultimate Weapon is also their best Weapon. However, this isn't true of Tifa and the Premium Heart. Damage caused by the Premium Heart drops to very low levels when Tifa's Limit Bar is empty or nearly empty.

As such, I recommend using Tifa's God's Hand Weapon instead. As the name would suggest, it's actually a very powerful Weapon. You can find a full list of Tifa's Weapons here.

Barret's Missing Score can get ridiculously powerful by putting enough high AP Materia into it. In fact, with 8 mastered Knights of Round in, it will instantly kill ANY enemy in the game. Vincent's Death Penalty can take a hell of a lot of grinding to power up as its power depends on the number of enemies Vincent has killed, but it is also capable of instantly killing any enemy once you max it out. For details on this, check out the 'Foolproof instant kill' video on my YouTube page. All credit to whoever first discovered this - it certainly wasn't me.

For Cloud and Cait Sith, you may want to consider giving them a Master Command-HP Absorb Materia pairing. Likewise for Red XIII and Cid, you may want to use Master Command-MP Absorb. This will allow these characters to keep either their HP or their MP topped up with their default Attack, which ensures their ultimate Weapons stay powerful. For more on this, please see my Advanced Materia walkthrough.

Yuffie's Conformer has damage that conforms according to the power of your enemy, so it's a particularly good one.

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